Flea And Heartworm For Dogs 11-20 lbs

If your dog weighs 11-20 lbs you can check out Revolution for that size. Revolution is targeted to kill off the fleas and prevent heartworms. You place this flea medicine on your dogs back since it is a droplet form.. Please look at instructions for further details. If anything you should consult with your vet to see what will work for you.

Revolution for dogs without vet prescriptionRevolution is defined as a sudden, radical, or complete change and that is exactly what REVOLUTION® For Dogs will give you. REVOLUTION® will protect your pets from fleas, ticks, mites, heartworms and other parasites -may it be internal or external. Its active ingredient is selamectin, which is a topical parasiticide substance that is not harmful to pets such as dogs and cats. No need to worry because it is FDA-approved. In fact, it is the first FDA-approved topically applied medication for dogs 6 weeks and older.

Parasites in pets are among the most common problems pet-owners encounter. Parasites can cause unmanageable scratching and even more serious medical complications such as infections and even deadly diseases. Most parasites that affect pets do not post risk to humans. However, some parasites like sarcoptic mange mites can be transmitted from animals to humans, and might cost pet-owners their own health. These health risks can be reduced by practicing good personal hygiene and by eliminating parasites from your pets. It is important to control, treat, and prevent parasites to keep both you and your pet healthy.

REVOLUTION® is one of the best topical medications for pets. It is a prescription-only medication and must be availed only through trusted veterinarians. It quickly dries up, it is not greasy, and it doesn’t leave any unpleasant smell after each application. You can even bathe your dog within two hours after applying the medication.


REVOLUTION® is applied on your pet’s neck or back. To do so, open the tube first by pressing the cap down against the seal, part your pet’s hair and apply it by putting the tip of the tube against the skin. Squeeze it for 3 or 4 times or until the entire contents are in the skin in one spot. Make sure that the tube is empty after the application. After the procedure, REVOLUTION® enters the bloodstream through the skin. Concentrations of the medicine in the blood and tissues prevent heartworm disease. Dosage is dependent on your pet’s weight; you must consult with a veterinarian to determine the right amount that your pet needs.

As a responsible pet-owner, it is up to you to provide your pet with the right care to address his or her needs. Parasitic diseases and infections are very common and must be treated accordingly. REVOLUTION® can help you treat puppies as young as 6 weeks of age, and is available in sizes to accommodate dogs up to 130 lbs with just a simple dose on a monthly basis.