Best Flea and Heartworm For Dogs 41-85 lbs

If your canine friend weighs 41-85lbs you can check out Revolution for dogs. Revolution is designed to get rid of and destroy fleas and also help with heartworm prevention. This flea medicine is designed for placing it on your dogs back as this comes in droplet form. Please look at instructions for further details. If anything you should consult with your vet to see what will work for you.

Revolution for dogs without vet prescription

Dogs’ one most common problem is parasite infestation. Puppies, adult, senior dogs – no dog is safe from mites, ticks, fleas and other parasites. As responsible owners, we must provide our dogs help to prevent, control, and rid them of parasites. REVOLUTION® provides that solution. Just one application a month can give your pet protection against recurring parasites.


REVOLUTION® is one of the best topical medications for pets that really gives a revolutionary way of parasite protection. REVOLUTION® protects dogs against heartworm, fleas, ticks, ear mites, and sarcoptic mange mites when used correctly. It is a prescription medication and must only be obtained through trusted vets.

How does REVOLUTION® work?

REVOLUTION® is used in the prevention, control, and treatment of various parasite infections. Its active ingredient is selamectin, a topical parasiticide substance that works on the parasite’s nervous system.

Selamectin kills adult fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) and stops flea eggs from hatching for 30 days. It is also used for the treatment and control of ear mites and sarcoptic mange. It is effective as a heartworm deterrent, killing the immature heartworm form. REVOLUTION® is effective in controlling tick infestations by American dog ticks.


How is REVOLUTION® applied?

REVOLUTION® is applied on your pet’s neck or back. First, part your pet’s hair and apply it by putting the tip of the tube against the skin. Squeeze the tube for 3 or 4 times or until the tube contents are in the skin in a single spot. See to it that the tube is empty after applying the medication. After the procedure, REVOLUTION® enters the skin and is carried by the bloodstream. Presence of the medicine in the blood and tissues help prevent the onset of heartworm disease. Dosage depends on your dog’s weight; you must check with your veterinarian on the right amount to use on your pet.

REVOLUTION® must be applied monthly, preferably on the same date each month.

What to expect after applying REVOLUTION®?

REVOLUTION® can treat puppies at least 6 weeks old, and is available in various sizes to suit dogs up to 130 lbs. It dries up fast, it is not greasy, and it does not leave any foul-smelling residue after application. Simply put, it is hassle-free. In fact, you can even bathe your dog within 2 hours from applying the treatment.

Most fleas are killed within 36 hours of application. With just a single treatment, most mites and sarcoptic mange are eliminated. However, a second treatment may be required for heartworms and other crucial parasites.