Flea and heartworm Treatment For Dogs 5-10 lbs

If your dog weighs 5-10 lbs you can check out Revolution for that size. Revolution is aimed to get rid of fleas and heartworms on your pet. It comes in droplet form so all you have to do is place it on your dogs back. Please look at instructions for further details. If anything you should consult with your vet to see what will work for you.

Revolution for dogs without vet prescription

Ticks and Fleas are dangerous carriers of disease for dogs. Fleas can transmit worms, and ticks can carry the Lyme disease bacteria. At the same time, ticks and fleas can cause allergic reactions that can simply make your dog’s life extremely uncomfortable. Aside from itching, scratching, infection and hair loss, a large infestation of these blood suckers can cause anemia and a host of other medical disorders which, at times, can lead to complications and death. Good thing there are newer, better ways to keep the fleas and ticks away from our pets.

Revolution for dogs is the latest type of topical pet medication that effectively prevents flea and tick infestations by keeping parasitic eggs from hatching as well as killing adult pests.

Revolution (selamectin) is a hassle-free solution to pest prevention as it is a monthly treatment instead of the usual bi-weekly treatment for fleas or ticks. Revolution flea treatment also serves as a heartworm and sarcoptic mange treatment, efficiently guarding against heartworms, sarcoptic mange mites, and ear mites aside from flea/tick eggs and adults.

Revolution (selamectin) treatment is available in a single dose tube of a colorless to yellow paraciticide solution for topically (dermally) treating dogs and also cats against parasites. Tube contents are formulated with 2.7 milligrams/pound (6 milligrams/kilogram) minimum of body weight of Revolution (selamectin). Revolution contains the butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) preservative as well as isopropyl alcohol.



Revolution heartworm treatment/ flea or tick medication can be used for dogs at least 6 weeks of age and cats at least 8 weeks of age. The solution is ready to use. Apply only monthly.


Keep out of the reach of children. NOT SAFE FOR USE ON HUMANS.

Revolution side effects on humans include skin and eye irritation and allergic reactions such as itching, hives, or skin redness. Wash hands after each use and wash off any contact with skin immediately with clean water and soap. In case of contact with eyes, flush off eyes immediately with generous amounts of water. If ingested, contact a physician right away. Persons with hypersensitivity to Revolution (selamectin) should consult a health care professional first before using. Use product with extreme caution.

Advanced Flea/Tick/Sarcoptic Mange Mites/Heartworm Treatment and Prevention

Remember that your pet isn’t the only one placed at risk if infested with parasitic animals. People can get irritation from pest bites, too. If you have just started using Revolution for dogs, you would need to treat or safely bleach your house as well. Fleas, ticks, or mites can live in a house or yard for several months and their eggs can live in carpets, cushions, or drapes for several years.